One stop Full Package House using the Tukatech Computer System for fast, accurate, and efficient turnarounds.
Prices and Services

Development and Pre-Production Consulting & Organization - $40.00/hr.

This consists of consulting services, logging individual style data onto spreadsheets (Spec Sheets), computerized Line Sheets in Photoshop or Illustrator Format, Sourcing Materials (fabrics & trims), and Fittings.

We can also create or improve the infrastructure or your Design and/or Production Departments and teach you a basic understanding of the Tukatech Software so you can make minor modifications to your Markers and Patterns at a Tukacenter.

Written Estimates are provided and subject to your signed approval before initiating every project. 50% Credit Card/ Paypal Deposits are required for all orders.

Pattern Making & Modifying- $55.00/hr.

First Patterns require desired measurement specifications and/or a garment with a similar fit/aesthetic. This is only to decrease the trial/error period and make the process more time & cost efficient for you.

Digitizing is $17.50 per pattern/garment, however it is included if you go forward with Grading.

GradingĀ  & Markers- $85 for 3 Total Sizes plus $15 per additional size.
$85 for three sizes (i.e. S-L)
$100 for four total sizes (i.e. XS-L, or 1X-4X)
$115 for five sizes (i.e. XS-XL)
or $130 for six sizes (i.e. XS-XL AND 1X-4X, or 2-12)
Individual Markers without the Grading Service are $25 per Fabrication/ Style, one additional size is $42.50 (includes marker).

This includes Digitizing a Garment or Pattern and one 10 Yard Plotted Marker Containing Each Size. Additional Markers which exceed 10 yards for Contrast or Lining, etc. are an additional $1.50 per yard. ALSO INCLUDED IS A CD OR EMAIL CONTAINING ALL YOUR FILES FROM WHICH YOU CAN REPLOT AT ANY TIME. Digitizing an actual Garment requires some Pattern Making and possibly a sample in order to assign all proper markings and ensure the pattern is production ready.

Samples- Sample Prices for Cutting & Sewing range from $35 for a basic t-shirt to $85 for a Woven Dress with Lining to approximately $175 for a Jacket or Blazer with Multiple Pockets or other embellishments. Jeans or 5 Pocket Pants are typically around $95 and $55 is a basic price for an unlined Sportswear Top. Prices increase when sewing in silk, chiffon or satins. Duplicates are approximately $10-20 less if they number over five units.

A Test Sample is encouraged to perfect the Pattern before going forward with a complete sample in the actual fabric. This is also a must when major adjustments are desired. They are not sewn complete & typically take only 1 hour to create. Test Samples are $20/hr or per sample.

BRAND MANAGEMENT- We have launched a new Brand Management Department to assist our clients with all their Marketing, Brand Positioning and Buyer Presentation needs! Services include, but are not limited to: Merchandising Consultancy, Lookbooks, Websites, Design Assistance, Sales Representatives, Market Research and more! Please inquire within for our Complete Brochure or for a Free Consultation.

Production Management - Production Prices are given on a per sample basis for Cutting & Sewing, Samples must be left with us for 24-72 hours.

Specialty Treatments - such as Smocking, Screen-printing, Dyeing, Embroidery, etc... Samples are processed for $25/hr or per location.

FULL PACKAGES are available. Please inquire within for a quote.