One stop Full Package House using the Tukatech Computer System for fast, accurate, and efficient turnarounds.
Company Profile

DLCO Patterns & Grading is service-oriented company that works within your parameters. We like to think of ourselves as that few extra pairs of hands so desperately needed during certain parts of the Apparel Production process.

We know the extreme importance of efficiency and organization during the delicate manufacturing process, which is why we highly advocate the use of Computer Patternmaking. Paper Patterns take up a lot of space and are oftentimes very complex and can contain upwards of 10 or 20 pieces. Multiply that by 50-100 Styles in 5-10 different sizes, and one can see how quickly a problem can develop. After we digitize your patterns, modify, grade & make their markers, we give you a disk containing all your separate Patternmaking & Marker files for you to access & reprint as you need them. You are free to go to a Tukatech Facility and plot whatever you need for $1.50/yd whenever you need to.

Sometimes, you have full-time employees or your main go-to people, but it just isn't enough. As the clock is ticking, there just isn't enough time to source the right people to streamline all the work that needs to be done. We have been there and understand all too well. During our fifteen years in the Apparel Industry, we have dealt with a variety of Contractors, good and bad. It is very important to have the expertise & knowledge needed to check their work & differentiate between the types of Contractors to determine which one fits your situation best. Sometimes independent Cutters & Sewers who do not have the large overhead of a Large Contractor are more suited to your needs, especially if you have small orders. We have that network available to help you. Or we can help distribute your line to the appropriate people.